Additional Services

The following services are available through Three Rivers Hospital, which is adjacent to Three Rivers Family Medicine Clinic in Brewster.


Arthrograms of All Joints
Screening Mammograms

•     Obstetrics
•     Gynocological
•     All general exams
•     Vascular studies
•     Echocardiograms (non-pediatric)

CT Scans (32 Slice)
•     Head
•     Neck
•     Full spine
•     Chest scan
•     CTA head
•     CTA chest
•     AAA
•     ABD/PEL
•     Extremity run-offs
•     Stroke protocol – TIA

Image Guided Procedures  
•     Abscess drain
•     All fluid drains
•     Pain management

MRIs available on Wednesdays


Our lab can provide testing for all age groups in the following categories:

•     Blood count
•     Hematocrit

•     Glucose
•     Lipid profiles
•     Thyroid profiles coagulation
•     Protime (PT)
•     INR urinalysis serology
•     Strep
•     Flu
•     Pregnancy

Blood Bank
Blood type results are available within two hours of collection.

Bacterial culture results for wounds, urine, and body fluids are available within three days of collection.

We can also collect for tests not performed in-house and send them to a reference lab for results.

Paternity testing collection center.


Three Rivers can provide most non-chemotherapy IV infusions.

•    Antibiotic infusions
•    Antiemetics
•    Bisphosphonates
•    Blood product transfusions
•    Contraceptive injections
•    Electrolyte infusions
•    Glucocorticoids and steroidal infusions
•    Hydration
•    Immune globulin
•    Immunizations and vaccines
•    Iron infusions
•    Remicade
•    Rheumatoid Arthritis treatments

•    Antibiotics
•    Sandostatin
•    Epoitin alpha
•    Filgrastim
•    Hyaluronic Acid
•    Rhogam
•    and More

We can also provide:  
•    Blood work from central lines
•    Central line care
•    OP dressing changes
•    Suprapubic catheter changes

This list is not exhaustive. Please contact us and we will work with your primary care provider to get you the infusions or injections that you need.